Only Accepting 20 Queers And Allies.

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Workout LIVE With QUEERS From All Over The U.S. Online!

[Without the bro vibes or the 'Rona]


I'm Coach Nat. I'm the founder and owner of The Queer Gym. Going to regular gyms made me feel unwelcome, uncomfortable and in some cases, unsafe, just because I was queer. 

After searching for a gym that would actually make me feel safe and comfortable and coming up empty handed, I said FUCK IT! And in 2010, I decided to open up the first queer gym in the Nation, The Queer Gym in Oakland, Ca. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year, And due to COVID, we've transitioned 100% online.

We know the idea of an "online gym" is new. That’s why we're offering you this 28 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE so you can try it out.

- Coach Nat

How The Challenge Works:


Our First Blind Date

Since we met on the internet, let's hop on a phone call first to check out the vibes.


The "Dating" Period

The Challenge is like our dating period. We workout & hangout for 28 days before we make it official.


Put A Ring on it

Once you graduate the Challenge, we put a ring on it and make it hella official.


Is this one of those "free" challenges where you put money down, then get it back if you hit the goal?

Nah. This is a paid challenge.

What's the cost of the challenge?

1 milliooooon dollars! JK, It's way cheaper than that.

If you can sustainably invest $7- $14 a day on your health, then you can afford the challenge.

What happens after the challenge?

If you want to join the gym officially, then you join.If not, the you don't.

Memberships are month to month and they range from $7 - $14 a day.

Can straight people come?

Yup, allies are welcomed.

Is this like a hook up kinda of gym?

Nope. That's not our focus.

Do you need to buy a bunch of equipment?

Nope. Pretty much everything is body weight!

What are the coaches like?

In our team you will find the following:

POC, trans, non-binary, bisexual, poly, femme, masc, small bodies, large bodies and allies.

More questions?

That's what the phone call is for homiesexual. Book it on the next page.

[If it loads, we still got room for you!]


This is your chance to score an epic 28 day transformation surrounded by your queer community, caring and relatable coaches in an environment created to make you thrive in your fitness journey!

I hope you join us!


- Coach Nat

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