Challenge Starts May 29th. We Have 8/20 Spots Left.

🌈 Hey Homos and Homies! 🌈

take our 28 day homebody

fitness challenge!!!


I'm the founder and owner of The Queer Gym. 2010.
Going to regular gyms made me feel unwelcome, uncomfortable and in some cases, unsafe, just because I was queer. 

After searching for a gym that would actually make me feel safe and comfortable and coming up empty handed, I said FUCK IT! And in 2010 I decided to open up the first queer gym in the Nation, The Queer Gym in Oakland, Ca.

We've been innovating since the jump and it's time to do so again.  Before Covid-19, we were operating 50% online and 50% in person, and during this pandemic, we are blessed to be able to go 100% DIGITAL and continue making happy, healthy homos!

- Coach Nat
You Get:
28 Day Fitness Plan
All classes are 

💪🏽 1 hour long

💪🏽 Live streamed on zoom

💪🏽 No equipment is needed

💪🏽 Fitness classes like Oakland Booty and Hard Core Homo.

💪🏽 Recovery classes like yoga and medication.

💪🏽 Classes capped at 11 people because hella full zoom calls suck.

28 Day Nutrition Plan

🍎 Nutrition Meal Plan - so that you can clean up your eating habits for the long term.

🍎 LIVE Streamed Nutrition Classes - if you suck in the kitchen? Learn live with us how to cook, meal prep etc...

🍎 Recipe books, restaurant guide, how to party guide, bar guide, cannibis guide & more.

Your Own Coach
 Personal Coach - so that someone is always overseeing your results.

Daily & Weekly Check Ins - so you are being held accountable. 

Communication - Your coach will call you, email you, text you, facebook you, tweet you, go to the bars, find you & get you back on track!


These Awesome Bonuses Too!

BONUS 1. Get It Together Classes

Don't just get your health together, get it all together with the help of our live streamed classes such as decluttering your life, how to get better sleep and how to better budget your time.

BONUS 2. Social Calendar

What's the point of having the world's queerest fit fam if we can't hang out together, right? Our social calendar gives you social options like Virtual Happy Hour and Virtual Movie Nights!

BONUS 3. Hella Gay Getaways

A few times a year, we organize epic hella gay getaways were everything is included. You literally just bring your gay ol' self, your clothes and positive vibes and we take care of the rest. You know? Like a REAL vacation for once!



This is your chance to score an epic 28 day transformation surrounded by your queer community, caring and relatable coaches in an environment created to make you thrive in your fitness journey!

I hope you join us!


- Coach Nat
You literally have nothing to lose. 

1243 E. 12th Street Oakland CA 94606

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